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Hello and thanks for stopping by The Rabbit Hut your one stop shopping spot for all of your rabbit needs. Also small animal needs shop for rabbit hutches,rabbit cages, rabbit pellets, hay, and rabbit toys and a lot more. ALL at great low prices. You will also be able to find rabbit treats as well as some hand picked DIY rabbkt treat videos. You will find something from the rabbit hut for any of your pet rabbit's needs. Also shop for some great pet dishes as well if you have a favorite DIY rabbit treat that you would like to share with other visitors to the site please take and send it to us so we can share it with other visitors to the siteas well as trying them out with our own rabbit. Looking for a great way to exercise your rabbit outdoors check out one of the play pens we sell or a safe place to let your rabbits run free indoors as well if your bunny rabbit is not free roamed or have access to anywhere in the house, like our bunny is.. Your rabbit is a member of the family, so why not treat him o her that way and shop for all thee favorites here all from a one time stop and get all your rabbit needs from a trusted source your rabbit will thank you for shopping our Amazon store for there favorite items and maybe some new items as well have a question try out the chatbot from the bottom of the screen Still have a question, use our contact form to contact us. One thing to keep in mind is that hay takes and makes up the bulk of a rabbits diet along with fresh veggies every day. Fresh fruits should be given in small doses one or two times a week. But your rabbit should always have hay available at ALL times for them to munch on at any time. We hope thatyou enjoyed your shopping experience why on our site. If you come across any broken links, please use the broken link form OR ontact us with our contact form so we can get the link fixed right away. Also if you need to buy or update your first aid emergency kit for your rabbits, check out our first aid page. Also check out the pet cam page if you are interested in a pet cam to take and keep an eye on your rabbits, and make sure they are safe then check out our pet cam page. A rabbits main diet consists of hay which makes up 85 to 90 percent of their diet check out the hay page for some great deals on hay for your rabbits.